The Multidisciplinary Agency


Seamless Care Coordination

Providing oversight and working with a team of Healthcare professionals.


Operating at the core of our operations, the nurses assesses and treats various health conditions.

Physical Therapists

The profession restores the specific physical body part(s) to remediate of impairments to promote physical function.

Occupational Therapy

This treatment focuses on the specific physical body's part(s) and it's movements additionally removing potential barriers in any evironment that precedes it.

Speech Language Pathologists

Treats various components of speech production such as resonance and fluency but most commonly aeromechanical components of respiration.

Medical Social Workers

Provides the connectivity to resources and supports in their local community.

Home Health

Assists in the fundamental activity of
daily living.

Access To Support

Our staff are cross-department trained and have nursing on-call around the clock.

Electronic Records

Have real-time access to records which in turn produces better analysis that lead to better health decisions.

Primary Care Physicians

Our resources to the health care professionals whom oversee care planning in the team environment.

Our Quality Initiative Organizations

These healthcare organizations ensure the quality of service we deliver meets or exceeds standards.

Ohio Department of Health

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

Ohio KePro

Accrediting Health Care Organization

Our Service Networks

Insurances Accepted

Create Partnership

In the continous evolution of health care delivery system.

We're an active player in a remarkable evolution in health care and working alongside the people who know the landscape the best.

Our Service Experience

Patient-Centered Structure

Data Collection and Aggregation

Prior to visits having the most accurate details acheives better outcomes

Observe Environment

Potential Hazards and Safety Precautions

Multi-System Assessment

Evaluate diagnoses, confirm variables in treatment


Physician endorsed care plan


Treatment based from signs and symptoms


Instruct individual on disease process and management