To achieve meaning and purpose of what we do, we've forged relationships with key community organizations at the city and state level who help us deliver social programs.
We have a strong knitted commitment to our community, we provide resources which range from individual employment opportunity to city-wide programs and Universities.

American Cancer Society Walk

For the American Cancer Society Walk our agency teamed up with faith based organization to support the cause of cancer research. We sold T-shirts that were designed by our employees and gave proceeds back to the charity event.

Food Drives During the Holidays

During the holiday’s, we collect canned goods as well as fresh foods to those families and individuals who can’t afford a holiday meal in celebration of tradition.  In consideration, the donations that were given also in adherence to their diagnoses and optimal diet.  And this, this goes beyond just holidays, our agency has resources that has access to local farmers that give away freshly harvested produce to those whom are in need.

Employment Opportunities

We understand that career opportunities for the community plays a significant role from reinforcing healthy homes to revitalization of the economy. Moreover, providing opportunities isn’t only to assist with job placement but rather discovering the path and passion in someone. The efforts are centered on the belief that the best way to elevate a culture is to reinvest in it and preserve it.  The philosophy is based off of social studies that impact the stability of the home, economy of family and establishing adulthood.

Medical Supplies

Providing medical supplies is our newest project that is a collaborative effort with our agency and a non-profit organization.  The cost of medical supplies isn’t affordable to many and some aren’t covered by insurances so we were able to provide durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, crutches, hoyer lifts and wheelchairs.

OSU Research & Development

Because the future of medicine lies in the hands of clinical sciences, our agency donates to the Ohio State University Bone & Mineral research that's specific to biology and physiology of bone, and muscle; such studies could yield potential treatments of the future while understanding the pathophysiology of mineral metabolism.

Employee Wellness Strategy

The health of our people is critical to the strength of our business and a focus that transcends divisions through Company-wide involvement and leadership. Wellness programs across the business, such programs are also contributing to health and safety risk reduction and outcomes, and downward trends in sick leave and turnover.


Our eco-initiative supports the awareness ecological efficiencies; from the documents we create to the bulbs that light our operations.  Our agency was one of the very few organizations in Columbus, Ohio that implemented electronic devices use during data collection, assessment and/ or documentation.  To reduce our carbon footprint, our office uses LED bulbs which utilizes less electricity that puts less impact into the environment.