The Foundations

Diversified Health Management has been providing services since 2008 and has grown into a multiple counties in Ohio. Our service heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of social services that is basic to human needs.

Our Values, we looking to the future while ensuring what we do today is aligned to the fundamental principles of sustainable society. We are committed to ongoing research and development. Our company culture is one of open innovation, which allows people to work collaboratively to find insights and ideas that connect with people and respect our community.

Our mission statement, we seek to simplify the complexities in the delivery of care that results in better outcomes for our patients.

The DHM Agency has an office culture that's similar to a west coast startup company. We hire individuals whom are knowledgable in their field but also those who complements our current personnel. The staff is comprised of individuals that enjoy the arts & sciences-type, meaning they have an understanding of the process of crafting a body of work; whether it's cooking, music, or knitting. These are the attributes that are applied rhythmically and woven into our daily work.

An elderly couple from the Lutheran church took a leap of faith to sponsor our family and we were welcomed unconditionally. Because of this random act of kindness, it would forever resonate who we are and what we do. 

Since the beginning of our operations as a service provider in 2009, we worked worked closely with our city and state case managers to ensure quality of service. Today we operate still operate in the same manor with these key community leaders to provide and distribute access to basic needs regardless of barriers. We have also improved on this process and it is commonly known in modern health care as Care Coordination.

Our Accrediting organization is The Joint Commission. What does that mean for other professionals and their organizations? It means that we practice standards that are measured based on our performance metrics then modifying our model for improvement areas. What does that mean for patients? According to the feedback that we've received, it's the way that we treat each other which is then a passed behavior that foster mutual respect, trust, and expectations set. Yes, we have soft skills. Finally, what does this accreditation mean to us? It's become apparent that the organization is a reflection upon our performance accountability. Yes, we have paremeters or industry requirements, but within this space we've discovered our ability to have a high-functioning thinking that goes beyond commonsense.

DHM Agency Team

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our organization

Bob Mason III, ESQ.


In this role of the company, the administrator is to enforce Policy & Procedure according to CMS rules and regulations which coincides with The Joint Commission standards of performance.

Debra DeDent

Director of Nursing

Also known as a Clinical Director this role is to manage other clinicians in the field while managing patient EMR documentation details.

Laverne Hudson

LPN and Clerical

This role is specific to our operations as this enables us to see the effieciencies of our work that's reflected from the office to the field.

Krista Thitakham

HR Onboarding and Support

This role is significant to our agency who qualifies an applicant for hiring on as organization personnel.